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  • Sponsor a Bonus Item: Colored Pencils (50-Pack)

Sponsor a Bonus Item: Colored Pencils (50-Pack)



Help ignite creativity and inspire young minds with our PowerPack Bonus  Sponsorship Program. By sponsoring a set of 50 vibrant colored pencils, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the artistic journey of students.


Each set includes a wide range of brilliant colors, allowing children to explore their imaginations and bring their ideas to life. Whether they are sketching, drawing, or coloring, these high-quality colored pencils are designed to deliver smooth, precise lines and vibrant shades.


As a sponsor, you will receive a personalized acknowledgement on each item, and we'll make sure to share the joy and gratitude from the students who receive the pencils through photos and heartfelt messages.


Join us in fostering creativity and providing opportunities for self-expression. Together, let's empower young artists to unleash their potential and create a world filled with beautiful colors and boundless imagination.


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