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Our Story

In the bustling city of Las Vegas, Nevada, a young entrepreneur named Dylen Richmond had a vision that went beyond ordinary business success. He recognized the education gap faced by students in his own classrooms and grew compelled to take action. 


My teachers, they would buy their own school supplies, and they wouldn't get paid back for that, so I just decided to build my own business. - Dylen Richmond


Armed with determination and a heart full of compassion, Dylen founded Accelkids Teaching and Learning Tools.

He designed school supply kits, which he called "Power Packs" and sold them at the local Swap Meet. Once purchased, the packs were donated to low-income area students. In the first campaign drive, 331 school supply packs were purchased by donors and  provided to students in the Historic West Las Vegas area.

From its humble beginnings, Accelkids quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to addressing educational disparities. Dylen's passion and commitment caught the attention of local news outlets, spreading the word about his mission to bridge the education gap. Donations poured in, and Accelkids flourished as a non-profit organization.

Through strategic partnerships and tireless fundraising efforts, Accelkids  aims to provide comprehensive support for K-12 teachers and students in underserved communities.

Driven by a belief in equal opportunities for all children, Accelkids focused on critical subjects like Reading, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Business, Finance, and Black History. By making these resources accessible to students regardless of their economic backgrounds, Accelkids aims to empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the modern world.

With each successful distribution of donations, Accelkids witnessed the transformational impact of their efforts. Teachers received the support they needed to create engaging learning environments, and students found inspiration and hope in the newfound opportunities. Accelkids became a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change in the lives of countless children.

As Accelkids expanded its reach, Dylen's entrepreneurial spirit continued to drive innovation. The organization leveraged technology, social media, and community partnerships to maximize its impact. Fundraising events, grant applications, and corporate collaborations became vital sources of support, enabling Accelkids to sustain and expand its mission.

Today, Accelkids stands as a testament to the power of a single idea and the unwavering dedication of one young entrepreneur. Dylen Richmond's vision has touched the lives of countless students and educators, breaking down barriers and creating a pathway to success for all. The story of Accelkids is a story of passion, resilience, and the incredible impact that a business with a purpose can achieve.

Legal Info

AccelKids Teaching and Learning tools Inc. is a Registered Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Nevada and has a 501 (c)(3) pending application filed with the IRS. EIN 93-2044565

AccelKids Teaching and Learning Tools

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